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3 October, 2018

The Best Gift For Your Promoted Employees

If you have employees being promoted for a higher ranking in your company’s organisational chart, you might want to surprise them a simple dinner party and gift them our corporate lapel pins.

These lapels are perfect gifts to your employees who work the hardest to attain the position they worked for. It may serve as their remembrance and reminder to continuously give the best shot in their assigned tasks or projects. 

Your employees may use the lapel pin in their uniforms or office apparel, and other employees will surely see them as models, so they’ll be more inspired in their crafts.

The best thing about this lapel is you can customise it be embossing your company name and logo on your chosen shape, and select the best finishing colour which you think would best fit your industry, we have;

  • Antique Bronze

  • Antique Copper

  • Antique Gold

  • Antique Silver

Your employees will surely be more inspired and appreciate the trust you're giving them.

Get our custom lapel pins now!

The Lapel Pins Only Team