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10 October, 2018

Wear Your Pride With Our Custom Lapels

Is your company became a part of an esteemed institution?

Great! That calls for a celebration!

Having a broader connection for your business is a great way to make your brand known at the same time have an alliance where you can have the benefits of gaining knowledge and adopt exceptional culture for the advancement of your company.

As a company, you should share this milestone with your whole company, and you might want to surprise them with our photo etched lapel pin. Lapen pins are excellent accessories for employees which can showcase the institution where they belong. You may wish to personalise our pins by printing your company name or logo with the institution you just belonged to.

Your employees may wear it on their uniform, so other people will recognise and will make your employees and brand stand out among the rest. 

Wear your pride with our custom printed lapels!

The Lapel Pins Only Team